Saturday, October 18, 2008

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hello guys..well..looks like we had conclude our discussion here..all of us totally agree with the conclusion that has been stated....hehehe..bubye guys

The End of The Road...

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It's hard to say that our Discussion has come to the conclusion...

But, it doesn't mean that we have to stop from giving ideas about this issue...

Suffice to say, the research on social ills that occurred in Malaysia concerning illegal street racing had been successfully carried on. This research as had been mentioned earlier had successfully achieved its objectives and also had answered all of the research questions that arise at the beginning of the research. By conducting this research, students become clearer and understand in detail when talking about illegal street racing, in terms of its definition, people who involves in this activity, the cause and effect of illegal street racing and last not list the measurements taken by the authority to oppose this social problem and their effectiveness.

In other words, it resolves all the confusion that misted up regarding this dilemma. Indirectly, this project also generates the awareness and catches the eye of the students and others towards the social issue like illegal street racing. As we can see before this people might not think that this issue can become serious if there is no action taken by the authority and responsible parties, by doing this research hope that it will open the eyes of the readers about this topic.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What will happen if nobody care about it???

Wan Fadli Hazilan Wan Rosmidi (A122863)


Meeting me again... One -Fudley in the house...

Whoa! Seems like everyone is busy packing their stuff and get prepared for the Hari Raya break... Hold on just a second. Let's take a look into the last discussion question which is "What will happen if there is no action taken by the authority to counter this problem?"

As the Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays are drawing nearer, the numbers of vehicles pouring onto our highways are getting larger each day. In order to ensure a smooth traffic so that Malaysians go home safely to celebrate the festive season, 1,800 enforcers have been stationed to monitor the operation of long-distance coaches. Besides stepping up patrol along the highways, the fourth annual "Operation Attitude" has also been launched beginning the fasting month which is on September 1st 2008.

In fact, the police have erected temporary posts along the highways to monitor the traffic flow in a bid to reduce the occurrence of road accidents so that all road users can go home safely to celebrate their Raya. As for the illegal street racers, this season would be the best time of year to arrange for their activity.

Could you guys imagine what the consequences will be if there is no action taken by the authority? Of course it will create heavy masses in the traffic especially during this festive season. In addition to doing their stunts and racing around, they have a habit of causing public disorder. They usually travel in large groups and at times raid isolated petrol stations. They can cordon off normal traffic flow to allow their friend race along a predetermined circuit.

Furthermore, Street racers are not professional drivers and have never been formally trained. There is no chance for them to practice. They rely on their limited experience at high speeds and their adrenaline to get them through the race. Also, their vehicles have been modified beyond the manufacturers’ standards and engineering specs. The result of a racer pushing the capabilities of his or her vehicle can be a blown engine or a ton of sheet metal hurtling out of control into a crowd. And the crowd is often way too close to the marked course of the race and not behind any protective barriers.

Consequently, vehicle crashes at street races cause injuries to drivers, passengers, spectators, and even innocent bystanders. When this problem take place what would be the next dilemma to the road users? The answer is in you, think about it deeply.

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"SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN" to all my friends and my respective lecturer Dr. Nadzrah bt. Abu Bakar

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Watch out…I’m back..

Its me again, mohamad khairy izwan bin mohamad zamani (A123138)...

Hm..its been a long time since my last post here…and yeah..finally we’ve reach the last question of our will happen if the authority does not take appropriate measures to prevent this illegal street racing. What do you think will happen?

In my opinion, if the authority do not take steps to prevent this illegal act and just let it be lot of negative impacts will occur. These impacts include impacts towards society and our own beloved country. One of the impacts that in my opinion will occur is that it will tarnish the country’s image. This is because when the foreign tourists come to visit this country, they might witness our youngsters involved in an illegal act freely and without any fear, they might start to think that this country law enforcement is at low level. Not only this kind of thinking will tarnish the country’s image but also the image of our law enforcers.

Moreover, this problem will also raise a fear among other road users in the country. This is because they will become afraid of their own safety due to a dangerous action of these illegal racers that I have mention in my previous posts regarding the way these racers riding or driving their vehicle. Not only that, it will also raise tension and dissatisfaction among the road users concerning these matters and it might cause a clash between these illegal racers and other road users. No action taken means that these illegal racers will become more bold in doing their illegal activities and it is terrified that they might widen their activities by not only racing but might also regarding snatching especially illegal motorcycle racers that need money to upgrade their motorcycle to challenge other racers.

Another negative impact that might occur is that it might influence the country’s economical condition negatively. This is because, like I mention before the tourists will have a negative perspective towards our country. When they return to their country they will speak about the negative aspect of our country concerning our country law enforcement agency that for them cannot guarantee their safety while visiting this country to other people. This of course will make other tourist that plan to visit this country reconsider their plan and might call off their plan of visiting Malaysia. This will reduce the number of tourists that visit this country and will affect the tourism sectors badly. When this happen, the government income will be reduce and affect the government’s financial position. Hm.. I think that’s all for now..we’ll meet again in my future posts…whacha……….

Sunday, September 7, 2008



Yeah!!! Last question, finally…-haih-

After answering this last question, that’s mean we finally fulfill our group
objectives based on Social Ills: Illegal Street Racing.

For the last question: What will ensue if there is no action taken by the authorities to oppose the problem?

The answer: People know that authority is important to straighten the justice and law of the country. But there also people who did not care about justice at all. They think that authority is a waste of time and they can live without authority at all as long as they life as the way they are.

What if there were many illegal street racer rooming our country street without limit? They do all bad thing including committing crime such as robbery and bag snatching. They may also committing heavy crime like killing. Other thing that may involve illegal street racer is drug addiction. Our country may become a criminal-born country.

Society normal lifestyle also may be affected, it may make them afraid to get out from house for maybe they confront with illegal street racer who would harm them and their family. Now day, many cases involved illegal street racer reported that involved society such as house breaking and their vehicle being broken because they make the illegal street racer angry. Many cases involving heavy crime could not be solved if there is no authority taking action to oppose the problem.

Vandalism also may occur if there no action taken by the authority to oppose illegal street racing. Teenagers may be reported have involved in illegal street racing and other unhealthy activities. Crime percentages become higher. Family could not control their children anymore because they got involved in illegal street racing and no action being taken by higher ranked people to solve the problem.

As a conclusion, I think authority play an important role to help heal our country from becoming a place of unhealthy activities like illegal street racing taking place.

Nur Izyan Fakhruddin

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hello and hey again...

It's me again, Mohd Shaffi Bin Mahadi (A124280).... Since there is nobody have post the next question I would like to be the first one for this time...The next question is what will ensue if there is no action taken by the authorities to oppose the problem?

That is not a tricky question and everybody could answer it. Well, thing is going to be from bad to worst. Since there is no one that is going to take actions against them, of course they will feel like they are the king of the they will be more people get hurt and riots will happens everywhere...Since for now, even though police are patrolling, they are brave enough to act like a gangsters in the road. It shows that police are not a major threat to them. Time after time, they will eventually grow into a larger group where their activity is not only centralized on the activity of racing merely but also on other crimes such as extortion, murder and even rape..

Who could know what their boundaries are...If they could risk their life by doing acts that might kill themselves what is the assurance they will not start killing people instead if there is no one to stop them.... Police or other authorities should open their eyes and start taking measure that is truly effective in countering this problem..

They should not put it aside and just wait till it becomes more serious and at that time only when they will get on the actions. As I’ve said, it is not merely their faults. It is because the society do not stress on this problem. So, the politicians don't see that they would have to bother about this problem at least for now...If we want it to be annihilate, we should give more pressures to the government and the government will pass that pressure to their subordinates and by then only this problem can be taken seriously...

Ok, I would like to keep it short this time...Adios and till my next post...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who Is Behind The Scene???

Wan Fadli Hazilan Wan Rosmidi (A122863)


Don’t be shock; it’s me One-Fudley...

In the previous session we’ve discussed about the effectiveness of the measurements taken by the authority to reduce the “Illegal Street Racing”. Today, in this session let’s find out who is actually the actors or stars behind this activity and why is it so???

The involved parties (participants and spectators) are likely to be both male and female between 17 and 25 years old. Some illegal races involve a loosely affiliated group of youths hanging around an abandoned area of town. According to studies, the majority of these street racers are workers who only earn about RM1200 a month. There are also some who are dropouts, while others are unemployed.

They have no other interests or hobbies. To them, street racing is a temporary means of escaping from the pressures and obstacles they face in their lives on a daily basis. It helps build their self-esteem and satisfies their hero worship mentality. They also see it as a way to be different and to rebel against the world.For them, street racing is a means to establish relations with others like them, a chance to make friends with others who share their interests and understand their problems.

This is something that they find difficult to do in their daily lives.It isn't practical expect these wild, free spirited street racers to practice self-restraint. It might be better to rely on a more a more effective enforcement organisation.

There are those among them who hold strongly to a code of conduct that emphasises respect, honour and discipline. They are disgusted by the actions of other racers who gamble, take drugs and violate traffic regulations.Besides that, the new breed of street racing revolves mainly around the modification of imported sports cars and compact cars.

There are now a plethora of companies making affordable aftermarket parts that can greatly increase these small cars' horsepower for a reasonable amount of money. Because of this, street racing has again become very popular among teenagers with a need for speed.

Alright I think nothing much to that I can comment on this. That's all for now...

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